Tiffany Xiang shares passion for Chinese heritage with other Rice students

Tiffany Xiang is a Will Rice College junior from California studying Computer Science. They enjoy dancing and activism, and they’re trying to get more into fashion. One fun fact about Tiffany: The best boba she’s ever had was at a shop called “The Alley” in Tokyo.

Why are your student organizations important to you?

Besides the Chinese Student Association (CSA), I'm also part of the BASYK Crew, a K-pop and hip-hop dance group at Rice. When I was a freshman, I was drawn to these clubs because I was seeking community and shared passion. Now, they're really important to me because of the sanctuary and elevation I feel within these communities. It’s a widely shared experience to feel empowered by engaging in your culture and this is something I want to and can provide through the CSA. As a Chinese-American, I find it important to forge and strengthen a space at Rice where Chinese-Americans feel that their heritage and culture is respected and celebrated.

What has diversity and inclusion meant to you at Rice?

To me, diversity and inclusion are freeing. I grew up not really accepting my culture and heritage. I didn't realize it until later but this rejection had always been in the way of my happiness, my growth and my overall wellbeing. Now, being able to fully embrace and participate in my heritage, I feel a freedom to enjoy the things I want to enjoy and to be proud of who I am.