Rice University’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts are always evolving based on progress made and new challenges that need to be faced. Learn more about what the university is focusing on now to make our campus a better place for us all.

Commitment to Cultural Inclusiveness

Rice seeks a community that embraces a breadth of knowledge, thought, perspectives, experiences and backgrounds and enables us to achieve excellence in all facets of our mission. Campuswide, we are developing knowledge, insights, resources and policy tools to increase equity and improve quality of life, in Houston and around the world.

This means examining the resources and strategies needed to make all students successful. It means looking at different ways of promoting healthy communities and delivering healthcare. It means understanding the ways our policies, laws and culture allocate privilege and promote success.

Rice is prioritizing initiatives and programs that promote equity. From consulting directly with Houston public schools, to designing low-cost health technologies, to offering free online college textbooks — Rice students and faculty are leading efforts that bypass traditional roadblocks and deliver knowledge and practical solutions to the people who need it.